Community Groups in Fairlie, North Ayrshire

For a wee village, there's a lot going on in Fairlie.

  1. Explorer scouts
  2. Fairlie Art Club
  3. Fairlie Badminton Club
  4. Fairlie BookBug
  5. Fairlie Bowling Club
  6. Fairlie Community Association
  7. Fairlie Community Association Ballet Club
  8. Fairlie Community Council
  9. Fairlie Community Sports Club
  10. Fairlie Fairtrade
  11. Fairlie Gala Committee (Gala in August)
  12. Fairlie Parish Church
  13. Fairlie Primary School
    (inc. Nursery)
  14. Fairlie Toddlers
  15. Fairlie Yacht Club
  16. Fairlie Youth Club
  17. Firth of Clyde Coastal Rowing Club
  18. Organic Growers of Fairlie
  19. Pilates
  20. Qigong
  21. Zumba

And if that's not enough for you, check out what there is to do in Largs which is only 5 minutes away by train, bus or car.

Community Group News

Most of Fairlie's community groups have dedicated websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts where you can find their latest news. Follow the links above for details.

You may also want to get a copy of the Wee paper (published weekly on Wednesdays) for the latest Fairlie news.


Don't see your community group here? Contact us with details and we can add you to

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